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Why Become An Art Collector?

This may seem obvious, but decorating living spaces is a major reason people begin to collect art. Coming home to see a favorite painting every day is a completely different experience than walking past it in a gallery. Collectors want to live with their art and let it seep into the soul of their homes.  To begin…

1. Look for Love

Before you start any art collection, get to know what you like and what you don’t. Visit exhibitions, art fairs and auctions. Which styles, mediums and subjects are you drawn to? Buy what you love and want to live with.

2. Start Small

Look out for recent graduates or artists just gaining recognition. If you're on a tight budget, you could start your collection by buying a small original painting from an emerging artist. 

3. Go Online

Online galleries allow you to easily compare artists, styles and prices. The internet has made buying art more transparent and accessible, especially for 

4. Collect Signed Limited Editions

Limited edition prints are a great way to start your art collection. What's more, signed editions inevitably have more value.  

5. Pay in Installments

Finally, it's impossible to ignore price, especially when starting an art collection. If you fall in love with a painting which costs more than you can afford straight away, many galleries and online platforms such as Own Art will allow you to spread the payments over time.   Happy Collecting!

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